The Olive Farm on Salt Spring Island

Harvest 2018 - A successful crop!

We have celebrated a successful crop and harvest for 2018!  Though the fruit was lovely and the oil is even lovelier, the yield isn't quite what we had hope for.  Having said that, we are thrilled and encouraged!  We are busy working our way through names of people on our pre-order list but we will not have near enough oil to fill all of the orders.  Thank you for you patience and interest!


We are already busy preparing the grove for 2019's crop and eventual harvest,  so keep praying for sunshine and warmth!


Thank you for your continued interest in our farm.

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** this is not an official order - you will be contacted to confirm there is enough oil to fill your order after harvest**

The Olive Farm

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Canada's own olive grove, pioneering a new industry on the West Coast.


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